A University of Tennessee student was arrested Saturday morning for
underage consumption after residence hall officials feared she had suffered
from alcohol poisoning.

Jessica Kelly Polk, 18, was discovered in her room at Humes Hall Saturday
around 3:50 a.m., a UTPD report stated. She was reportedly intoxicated and
the hall director succeeded in reviving her only after six or seven
attempts. Polk was reportedly argumentative after she was revived.

Police and an ambulance were dispatched. Polk was taken to the UT Hospital
Emergency Room, where a test showed her blood alcohol level to be .230
percent. She continued to be argumentative at the hospital, prompting UT
officers to return there. She was discharged and then arrested and charged
with underage consumption.

According to the report, Polk had used a friend's driver license to
purchase alcoholic beverages at several businesses.

In other police news:

Probation was revoked on
Friday last week for Richard D. Miles, the suspect in the Third Creek Bike
Trail assaults, said UTPD Detective Gary Spangler.

Miles, who appeared in the Criminal Court Friday, was ordered to spend
seven years in jail. His trial is set for March 24. He had spent about a
year in jail for an attempted rape conviction last year and was released in
May. Miles was arrested by the Knoxville Police Department on Sept. 18 at
his North Bellemeade Avenue apartment, where he was being monitored
electronically by telephone through the state probation office.

He is accused of attempting to rape two women, one of them a UT student, on
the bike trail Sept. 16 and Sept. 17. The assaults prompted the UTPD and
University administrators to issue a safety alert on campus. UT and
Knoxville Police Officers stepped up patrols around Tyson Park and the bike
trail following the assaults. Miles was later charged with aggravated rape
in connection with an Aug. 27 rape on the bike trail.

Two female students
became sick and were taken to the hospital after consuming alcoholic
beverages at Clement Hall Saturday night.

A UTPD officer responded to Clement Hall at 10:50 p.m. Saturday to discover
Rural Metro and Knoxville Fire Department medical personnel treating two
underage female students in a room, a police report said. One student was
unconscious on a bed and another was vomiting in the bathroom. Both
students were taken to Fort Sanders Emergency Room, where they were treated
and released.

One student's roommate said she had received a call from some people in the
front lobby at 10:15 p.m. saying the two students were drunk and requesting
that she take them to the room. The roommate was informed the two had been
drinking with another student in the hall.

Medical personnel told police they had been advised the students had been
drinking gin and tonic and Mad Dog 20/20 since around 7 p.m.