Several community agencies and University of Tennessee departments are currently

working to increase awareness about violence during Domestic Violence Month.

As part of Domestic Violence Month, the Clothesline Project was held

Friday at the University Center plaza.

The Clothesline Project was designed to draw attention to violence against

women. A clothesline at the University Center was adorned with shirts decorated

to represent a particular woman's experience.

Local sponsors of the project included the Family Crisis Center, WATE-TV6,

the YMCAs of Knoxville and Oak Ridge, the UT College of Human Ecology, UT

Panhellenic Services and UT Student Health Clinic, the Knoxville Police

Department and the Knox County Sheriff's Department.

The YWCA has scheduled a series of activities during the week of Oct.

19-25 concerning domestic violence:


20, "Protecting Our Children": The YWCA will distribute a handout

entitled "Stress Reduction Tips For Busy Parents" to 800 families

served by its child care and recreation programs.


21, "Making Our Schools Safer": Pledge cards will be distributed

to elementary school children. Each child can pledge to try to accept and

enjoy differences among classmates and to play safe, keep away from strangers

and walk and play only in safe, well-lighted places with other kids.


22, "Confronting Violence Against Women": The Body Shop in West

Town Mall will sell whistles, and the YWCA will make materials about its

Victim Advocacy Program available and will display the Clothesline Project.


23, "Facing Violence Against Men": A counselor from a Batters

Counseling Program and a staff person from the YWCA's Victim Advocacy Program

will appear on WIVK-FM's Hallerin Hill talk show to discuss violence against



25, "Replacing Violence With Sports, Recreation & Fun": Swim for

free from noon to 6 p.m. at the YWCA.


29, Mt. Olive Baptist Church will hold "Arresting Teen Violence: 'Let's

Put a Lid on It!"

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