databases are now available to students and faculty using computers off-campus.

Because of restrictive licensing agreements, people previously accessing

the databases offered through the libraries' web site had to use either

a computer on the UT campus or use a University provided enhanced remote

access account. This was necessary to restrict access to licensed users


"There are probably 25 people using the databases at any given moment,"

said Bill Britten, head of library systems.

The licensing agreements are structured for each database and restrict

the number of users allowed to use each database. Some of the databases

are very expensive.

Now, new authentication software allows off-campus users to identify

themselves and search databases remotely. This means students who use companies

like America Online or Microsoft Network as their Internet providers can

access the databases.

"We have received requests continuously over the past year, from

students living off-campus, to be given access to the databases," Britten


This is how it works: From the libraries' home

users click on "Databases." A screen comes up that explains

authentication. Users then log-in using their ph username and password.

UT assigns a ph username to each student. The ph username is the first

two letters of the month the user was born in, the last two digits of the

year the user was born in and the last four digits of the user's student

identification number. For example, a user born in February 1980 with 562-96-2398

as his student identification number would use fe802398 as his ph username.

Once authenticated, users will not be stopped again when switching between

databases. The authentication remains in effect until users log off of their

Web browser.

A few of the older Web browsers will not be able to utilize the authentication


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