The University of Tennessee-Knoxville's MBA program in environmental management

has been rated one of the nation's 10 best in a survey by the World Resources


"It is appropriate that in Tennessee, where the environment is one

of the cornerstones of economic development, we find a national class program

in environmental management," Warren Neel, dean of the College of Business,

said. "One of the our major attributes is the culture here that encourages

business faculty to work with ecologists and environmental scientists across


Iain Clelland, an assistant professor of management who helped develop

the UT-Knoxville MBA environmental management program, said about 50 U.S.

business schools offer graduate courses or concentrations combining environmental

expertise and functional business skills. The institute survey asked about

100 business school faculty to name the nation's 10 best programs, he said.

Top programs also include Harvard University, Northwestern University

and the University of Virginia.

UT-Knoxville's MBA environmental management concentration was developed

by Clelland and Tom Dean, Jerry Fryxell, Bill Judge and Alex Miller of the

management department.

The program includes courses from the economics department and the colleges

of engineering and law, Clelland said.

UT's Center for Industrial Services and the Energy, Environment Resources

Center have helped management faculty conduct research and develop program

curriculum, he said.

The World Resources Institute, founded in 1982, is an independent center

for policy research and technical assistance on global environmental issues

and sustainable development.

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