More than 10,000 vinyl albums of music ranging from Tchaikovsky to Jimi

Hendrix and everything in between will be on sale August 15 at the WUOT

Summer Music Sale.

Carol Cruzan, WUOT community outreach coordinator, said the sale is set

for 8 a.m.-6 p.m. at the University of Tennessee's Circle Park.

Cruzan said the albums cover classical, choral, opera, rock, jazz/blues,

folk, big band/swing, country and western, soundtracks, religious and many

other musical categories.

"The wide range of musical styles shows the diversity of our public

radio listening audience," Cruzan said. "The huge number of donations

shows their generosity and support."

"The contributions have been tremendous. This sale is a real opportunity

for anyone looking to augment their music collection and learn more about

public radio."

Cruzan said the event seeks to raise public awareness of WUOT-FM 91.9

public radio. Most titles will be sold for $2 or less, she said.

Other stations which have hosted successful record sales--such as WUIS

in Springfield, Ill.; KMHD, Mt. Hood Ore., and WWNO in New Orleans--have

helped advise WUOT, Cruzan said.

"The emphasis is not so much on fundraising, but increasing WUOT's

community involvement and raising awareness about who we are," Cruzan

said. "In that respect, record sales promotions at other radio stations

have been very successful."

Individual titles include Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled

Water," "An Anthology of Music of Black Africa," a 21-record

set of "Beethoven's Complete Piano Music," Peter, Paul and Mary's

debut 1962 album, several recordings of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite,"

an early 1900's recording of the William Tell Overture, and many more.

Cruzan said some albums might have value as collectibles, while others

held sentimental value for their prior owners.

"There could be some hidden treasures here," she said. "Many

people donated very old albums which had belonged to a deceased spouse or

family member. Some of the contributions were highly emotional, and we are

grateful for them all."

For more information about the sale, call Cruzan at 974-9558.

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