The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees approved a seven-member

search committee last Friday to help choose a successor to retiring UT President

Joe Johnson.

As required by law, all members of the search committee were appointed

trustees. Ex-officio trustees were not eligible.

Bill Sansom and Jim Haslam, both of Knoxville, will serve as the committee's

chair and vice-chair, respectively.

Other committee members are Johnnie Amonette, Memphis; Roger W. Dickson,

Chattanooga; J. Steven Ennis, Tullahoma; R. Clayton McWhorter, Nashville;

and Arnold Perl, Memphis.

Johnson announced at the board's June meeting his plans to retire June

30, 1999, or when a successor takes his place.

Sansom said that among the committee's first tasks would be deciding

on job requirements for the position and selecting an advisory group to

help guide the committee.

He also said he planned to ask the committee to consider hiring an outside

consulting firm to assist with the search.

Susan Richardson-Williams, a Knoxville trustee, said the advisory group

should be selected with the goal of increasing the voice of women and minorities

in the selection process.

Sansom said the advisory group would be representative of the University's

female and minority constituencies as well as faculty, staff, students,

alumni and other friends of UT.

The search committee has no timetable that it must follow, Sansom said.

"I don't think we need to act like we are in a track meet,"

Sansom said. "Joe Johnson has given us the opportunity to take our

time and do the job right."

No date for the committee's first meeting was scheduled.

"So many people are gone this time of year, it's difficult to schedule

a meeting," he said, indicating he would not attempt to hold a meeting

in August.

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