On Friday, UTPD responded to a car accident involving a pedestrian. Hiroya

Kudo, a University of Tennessee student, was crossing 17th Street and W.

Cumberland Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle involved in a multiple

car accident.

At approximately 4:49 p.m., Kudo was beginning to cross W. Cumberland

Avenue near the Campus Bookstore. According to the KPD report, the two drivers

were heading eastbound on Cumberland. Driver two was in the process of turning

right on Melrose Avenue and reportedly had her signal on.

As she began to turn, the pedestrian stepped out in front of her vehicle,

so she stopped for him. When she stopped, her vehicle was struck by vehicle

one, which then struck Kudo.

Rural Metro arrived on the scene and transported Kudo to UT hospital.

He received minor injuries to his right lower leg, but was otherwise


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