Minority Student Affairs and Career Services will join forces Wednesday

and Thursday with a leading corporate and consulting firm to sponsor a career

development fair open to all students at the University of Tennessee.

The fair, "Planning For The Future," will be held in the University

Center's rooms 203, 220, 221 and the Crest Room as UT groups work with representatives

from Proctor & Gamble and Andersen Consulting by helping students learn

the basic techniques of preparing for a job in five seminars to be presented

each day.

A resume and cover letter session will be held to provide students with

the information necessary for constructing a professional cover letter and

resume. The session will include very basic do's and don'ts when preparing

these documents. The content, length and design of these documents will

also be discussed.

Second, an interviewing technique session will provide students with

information on how to prepare and conduct themselves in an interview. Third,

a future planning seminar will be held to give students tips on what they

can do now to plan for their future with summer jobs, internships and co-ops.

Moreover, the session will show just how important these preparations can

be after college when students attempt to establish a track record with

regard to leadership and experience.

A professional dress and etiquette seminar will be held to inform students

of the importance of first impressions. Examples of "proper dress"

for an interview will be discussed along with etiquette tips necessary to

know when trying to make a good impression. The seminar will also teach

students how to mingle, to order from menus and to use good table manners,

common mistakes in which can cost a potential job opportunity.

Last, a leadership-team effectiveness session will be presented to deal

with the importance of developing leadership skills now that can be transferred

to their chosen career in the future. Leadership through membership will

also be addressed, explaining to students how to go about choosing extra-curricular

activities that not only build them as an individual but can also build

knowledge and an experience base that are invaluable in career fields .

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