The Down Under, located in the basement of the University Center, is

receiving a facelift for the fall semester.

Renee Theobald, recreation coordinator for the Down Under, has been a

witness to the changes for the past two years.

"Over the past two years we have been updating little by little

during school breaks," Theobald said.

The reason for the lengthy remodeling is due to the scheduling conflicts

with the students. The summer represents the best time for the renovations

to have the smallest impact on the students.

Last summer, Down Under became more UT oriented. Now when visiting the

entertainment center of the UC, you will see a lot more of the Tennessee

orange which has come to represent our university. This includes a 24 foot

UT logo located on one of the walls.

The changes that have occurred this summer include a remodeled front

counter. The previous counter has been replaced with a new counter top and


Along with all of the structural work, the equipment has also been updated.

New for the fall includes bowling balls, paddles for the pingpong tables

and new balls for the foosball tables.

The bowling alley has also been through some changes. For the kids, no

more gutter balls. Bumpers for the gutters have been added to increase the

fun of bowling for the children.

The alleys are also now handicap accessible. Along with ramps for those

in wheelchairs, there are also rails for the blind and even a handicap bowling


"As long as they want to have fun, we can meet just about anyone's

needs," Theobald said.

The remodeled Down Under will be having a welcome week on August 25 and

26 called a 50's Hop. The event includes free bowling and billiards with

prizes and is a perfect time to try out the new equipment.

For more information about the Down Under you may contact Renee Theobald

at 974-3450.

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