Several police cars and a police van were called for backup because of a

disturbance at a student-sponsored party at Dante's Bar and Grill on Sunday

morning at approximately 2:30, according to police reports.

UTPD officer Billy Lane noticed several people in the parking lot at

1801 Lake Ave. between Wendy's and Dante's during a routine patrol on Lake


According to the UTPD report, there were individuals reportedly exchanging

words and threats to one another at that time. A confrontation between several

of the individuals ensued and officers from both the UTPD and KPD arrived

at the scene.

The reporting officer then witnessed Ezra Keith Piety, of Knox County,

approach some officers in a threatening manner using profanity. Lane then

took Piety into custody, charging him with disorderly conduct.

The police report said Piety wouldn't listen to police orders and smelled

of alcohol. Piety told the officer he had been drinking at Dante's while

at a private party, where the incident had escalated.

The UTPD, KPD, and Dante's refused comment on the incident.

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