Pedestrian safety is an issue that affects campus, and the University of

Tennessee Police Department is working hard to ensure everyone is


Deborah A. Perry, Assistant Chief of Police of UTPD, wants both pedestrians

and drivers to increase their awareness and responsibility when traveling

around campus.

The department's main concern is construction on Stadium Drive. The

location is a potentially hazardous area, with little room for students to


Perry suggests using the overhead crosswalks, which link the University

Center with the Hill, instead. Although the detour might take a few extra

moments, it is the safest path to class, according to the UTPD.

UTPD has also added more signs at busy crosswalks in order to better

educate motorists and pedestrians.

Perry has noticed a trend with pedestrians she would like to see

cease--students crossing with the traffic lights instead of with the

pedestrian signals. This hinders the flow of traffic on the road, and

places all pedestrians in danger.

UTPD will be placing officers at high-traffic intersections to help keep

everything moving. For example, an officer was placed at Volunteer Avenue

and Andy Holt Avenue Wednesday to help direct new and old students.

Pedestrian safety is everyone's responsibility and can be achieved by

making students aware of the solutions to these traffic problems.

To learn more about this and other campus safety issues, visit UTPD's Web

site at