The Student Government Association is asking students to write letters to

the state legislature asking for help for higher education in


SGA representatives will be in the UC Plaza from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Wednesday with paper and envelopes for students to write to legislators in

Nashville, SGA President Will Carver said. The letters will be collected

and mailed on Thursday.

In addition to writing supplies, a 1-800 number will be available to

students, so they can go home and phone the legislature and make their

opinions known, Carver said.

The letter-writing campaign is a result of former SGA Sen. William Kotas'

bill earlier in the semester to sponsor a booth in the UC for the same


In order for the legislature to do something for higher education,

Tennessee's revenue structure needs to be changed, Carver said. He also

said the state has seen economic growth, but different entities in the

state are not receiving any money, and hopes students can do something

about the situation.

Carver said a strong effort has been made by SGA so far, and he wants

students to speak with their parents about voicing their concerns to the

legislature as well.

"I think it's probably the most important cause that student government

could be involved with in the next year," Carver said.