Norman Solomon, a nationally syndicated columnist, is coming to UT for a

lecture on "The Role of the Media" in today's society.

The Issues Committee-sponsored event will take place tonight in the

University Center Auditorium at 7:30.

Solomon is a nationally recognized columnist on media and politics. He also

serves as the executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a

nationwide consortium of public policy experts.

He has also authored the widely praised book Unreliable Sources: A Guide

to Detecting Bias in News Media

Solomon has appeared in many TV and radio programs including ABC-TV's

Good Morning America, CNN-TV's Crossfire and NPR's All

Things Considered

He is currently the senior advisor to the international radio program

Making Contact.

"This is a universal topic because we all have to deal with biases that

seep in the world of media and entertainment," Issues Committee Vice Chair

Ayappa Biddanda said. "We can all relate to Mr. Solomon's topic."