The SGA Senate passed a packet of legislation aimed at campus improvements

drafted by Gibbs Hall Senator Eddie Lovin on Wednesday night.

The packet included five bills concerning campus crosswalks, parking,

laundry facilities and Dart machines.

To save time during a busy meeting, senate voted on all of the bills

together, as opposed to voting specifically for each. The packet of

legislation passed unanimously and without debate.

The first bill calls for the addition of a crosswalk on Lake Loudoun

Boulevard, connecting Johnny Majors Drive and the C-4 and C-6 parking lots.

Lovin said this would cure traffic problems with pedestrians.

Another traffic bill concerned the crosswalk at Volunteer Boulevard and

Lake Loudoun Boulevard. Lovin pointed out that cars are permitted by the

traffic light to turn onto Volunteer while pedestrians cross the


Lovin's bill calls for a 30-second time delay in the light, so pedestrians

can cross the street safely.

A third piece of traffic legislation calls for a disability parking space

and disability sidewalk access in front of Gibbs Hall.

The final two pieces of Lovin's legislation concern Gibbs Hall laundry

facilities. Lovin's bills request the university install a Dart machine in

the Gibbs Hall lobby and a closed circuit camera in the laundry room. The

camera would allow Gibbs students to monitor the laundry room from their

televisions, which Lovin said should deter theft.