The SGA Senate approved changes to election procedures made by the SGA

Election Commission in a meeting Tuesday night.

Election Commissioner Melanie Wynn presented the changes, which are

effective immediately, to the senate.

Polls will be open for early voting on April 6 at five campus locations:

Humanities, Ayres Hall, UC Plaza, Presidential Complex and Greve/Massey


CPC Senator Ayappa Biddanda raised the issue of moving the Greve/Massey

location back to Strong Hall, where it was originally planned to be.

Keeping the location there would make it easier for students from the Fort

Sanders area to vote, Biddanda said.

"We should be about inclusion," Biddanda said.

The Strong Hall location would be more accessible for people who go to

Strong to eat at Sophie's Place, Senator Corey Johns said.

The Election Commission decided to keep the location at the Massey/Greve

courtyard after the senate voted 18-19 in its favor.

Templates for advertising party interest meetings were also discussed at

the Senate meeting. The proposed templates would list the party's name, as

well as the date, time and location of the meeting.

The idea of templates was done away with after debate. The new guidelines

state that party candidates may post a pre-election flyer with the party

name, date, time and location of the meeting.