Campus crime has been a locked issue in the vaults of campus police

nationwide for many years.

Efforts to enforce accurate reporting of crime statistics have

unfortunately gone unregulated, until recently.

To raise awareness on the issue, the East Tennessee Society of Professional

Journalists (ETSPJ) will bring representatives from the University of

Tennessee Police Department (UTPD) and leaders of a campus safety advocacy

group together to discuss crime on campus on Jan. 22 in Ramsey's


The meeting is scheduled to begin at noon in the Green Room.

Dorothy Bowles, UT professor of communications, will moderate the program

as the ETSPJ liaison.

Bowles will give background information about the combined legal efforts of

UT Student Publications several years ago to get information about crime at

the university open to the public.

The list of speakers will include Chief Ed Yovella of the UTPD, Dr. Thomas

Baer, father of a UT student murdered on campus and Daniel Carter, vice

president of Security on Campus, Inc.

Baer and Carter represent an activist point of view that supports open

reporting of campus crime by university police departments.

Baer's son, Tom, was stabbed during an altercation at a fraternity

house in 1988. Since that time, Baer and his wife, Margaret, have


to encourage legislation requiring colleges and universities to reveal

crime statistics.

Carter represents the Security on Campus Web site that provides up to date

information on the legislation and forum discussions dealing with the

reporting of campus crime.

The forum is open to the public.