Two Knoxville Police Department officers were injured trying to police a

brawl in O'Charley's early Sunday morning, where 14 people were


A KPD officer was on the scene monitoring the activities when an

intoxicated driver struck a pedestrian and a police car in the O'Charleys

parking lot.

In an unrelated incident, a bouncer was escorting a man out of O'Charleys

when the man's friends became angered, which escalated into a situation

requiring 30 KPD officers to be called to the scene, Foster Arnett, public

relations spokesperson for KPD, said.

One officer was hit in the head and another hurt his hand, while other

officers had minor cuts and bruises, Arnett said.

UTPD officers were driving past the scene when they responded to the

incident, UTPD Chief of Police Ed Yovella said. "We helped the best we

could," but KPD had the situation under control, Yovella said.

No UTPD officers made any arrests, Yovella said.

Cumberland Avenue was closed for more than an hour by KPD.

O'Charleys declined to comment about the incident.