The University of Tennessee is slated to lose about 800 parking spaces

before next semester, and will sell about 1,380 less parking permits for

the 1999-2000 school year, according to the Parking Allocations Committee's

report on Parking Services' new budget.

Commuter parking will take the largest hit, losing 643 parking spaces and

1190 parking permits. However. the Parking Allocations Committee said that

because there were 206 commuter permits unsold last year, the number of

permits is actually going to be reduced something more to the effect of


"With the construction of the new downtown convention center, UT will be

losing 600 spots currently in the World's Fair Park site area, and that is

the largest contributant to the problem of commuter parking for next year,"

Will Carver, SGA president, said.

The other type of parking permits that will be reduced will be unreserved

staff parking. The committee said that last year there were 338 unsold

Staff parking permits, while Parking Services sold 250 for monthly and one

day parking.

In order to meet parking demands, the committee said that the number of one

day and monthly passes next year will be reduced to 84, and the number of

spaces will be reduced to 70.

Parking services could not be reached for comment.