A $50,000 gift was donated to the UT Medical School from the Will Rogers

Institute recently.

Through movie theater fund-raising events and corporate donations of Regal

Cinemas and other motion picture exhibitors nationwide, the funding for the

Will Rogers Institute raised more than two million dollars.

The portion of that money donated to the UT Medical School was accepted by

Dr. John Griffin, chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care

Medicine at the College of Medicine, in a ceremony held at Regal Cinemas'

corporate offices.

"We appreciate the generosity of this donation," Griffin said.

Also present at the the ceremony was Regal Cinema CEO Michael Campbell who

said he was pleased to further the campaign for better health.

"We have pledged our ongoing support to this continuing research effort

and we're happy to have UT Medical School as a partner," Campbell


Funding for the Will Rogers Institute is raised each summer in major

campaigns sponsored by both film distributors and movie exhibitors. The

Institute was founded in 1936 to treat people in the entertainment industry

for tuberculosis.

Wayne Lewellen, President of Distribution for Paramount Pictures; and Erik

Lomis, Senior Executive Vice President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, are

traveling across the country this summer to present major gifts from the

Will Rogers Institute to prestigious pulmonary hospitals.

So far, the Institute's research and education programs have helped

millions of people worldwide. Such education programs are used to fight

tuberculosis, asthma, and other pulmonary diseases. Proceeds generated by

the annual summer campaigns are earmarked for research hospitals and

fellowships in the field of pulmonary medicine.