The Gibbs Hall staff will present a program Wednesday on financial planning

for students titled "Financial Planning for Morons." The emphasis of


program will be educating students on the ins and outs of investing and

saving for the future.
Jeff Day, a CPA from Oak Ridge, will present the

program in the Gibbs Hall recreational room at 8 p.m.
The program is part

of a three-part series to help stu

dents become more aware of the necessity of planning their financial

future. The first lecture will focus on managing credit card debt as well

as investing fundamentals. "The focus on the minds of most most students in

college is making money, but many

do not understand the importance of investing the money they make to ensure

future stability," said Brad Coulter, Gibbs Hall resident assistant.

program is designed to be simple enough for any student to comprehend but

useful enough to apply to each

individual's financial situation.
"I feel this is a very important topic

that is neglected in everyday class curriculum," Gibbs Hall Director J.P.

Murrell said. "This is the kind of programming we like to do in the

residence halls as a supplement to the

learning process of the students at UT."
The program is open to all UT

students, but Gibbs staff warns that seating is limited for the