As students become increasingly passionate about "Labor Rights as Human

Rights" and this weekend's Labor Teach-in, faculty members are joining the

fight for a living wage.

Formed out of student organizational involvement in the rally for a living

wage, the UT Faculty and Staff Committee for Labor and Human Rights has

begun a similar grass-roots campaign for economic justice. This weekend's

events, being kicked off by the AFL-CIO's Secretary-Treasurer Richard

Trumka, were made partly possible through the efforts of the faculty


The committee has been involved with this campaign, putting on

presentations and holding events, such as a film series, to educate

students on its cause. Fran Ansley, professor of law, and David Linge,

professor of religious studies, are two of the faculty members on the


Their hope is that this weekend's rally will raise awareness for what the

faculty committee sees as a major problem on UT's campus and across the


"I feel like our university as an institution has a civic responsibility to

look at questions and to act, itself, as a good citizen," Ansley said.

"This is what a university is about, not just getting money."

Beyond the responsibility students have to support such a cause, the

faculty committee believes the campaign is a positive reflection on student


"This is the first time in 20 years students are focused on more than their

own interests," Linge said. "That's close to the heart of why I am a

university professor."