Crimelog is compiled from records at the UT and Knoxville Police

departments. People with names similar or identical to those listed may not

be those identified in reports. All persons arrested are presumed innocent

until proven guilty in a court of law.

Sunday, Jan. 30

*10:22 p.m. ­Complainant in Andy Holt Apartments stated that someone was

able to freeze her computer over the Internet. Complainant stated that this

person was able to freeze up her computer and type messages on it. Also the

complainant stated that this person seemed to know the apartment as though

he had been through it before.

Tuesday, Feb. 1

*11 a.m. ­ Officer was requested due to a mentally disturbed person.

Officer and KPD dispatched. UTPD assisted KPD.

Wednesday, Feb. 2

*9:59 a.m. ­Complainant reported she observed a suspicious person

seen on Laurel Ave. at 16th street. The suspects were stated to be an

unknown male and female wearing a red ski mask, tan coat and


*3 p.m. ­Complainant reported that there was a suspicious woman at the

University Center harassing people by the mailboxes.

Thursday, Feb. 10

*2:15 a.m. ­Officer reported a fight in progress in the rear parking lot

near Wendy's. A subject had been assaulted with a broken beer bottle on the


*2:26 a.m. ­An alarm operator stated an intoxicated male was playing

with the elevator phone in Hess Hall. Subject stated his name was Jimmy

Morrison and the police could find him on the fifth floor.

*3:33 a.m. ­Complainant stated that someone was playing Paul Simon

music way too loud in Hess Hall. Officer located the problem and

confiscated baby marijuana plants. The music was turned off.

Wednesday, Feb. 16

*11:11 p.m. ­Complainant wanted to report that a student had thrown

fruit in the stairway of Hess Hall. When complainant asked subject to clean

up his mess, the subject refused to cooperate.

Thursday, Mar. 9

*2:41 a.m. ­Complainant reported that a suspicious white male was asleep

on the couch in the North Carrick Hall lobby. An arrest was made for


*6:23 p.m. ­Complainant reported an injured student whose teeth were

knocked out at the Bubble.

Sunday, March 26

*2:37 p.m. ­A subject told an officer that a white male wearing a

purple tank top exposed himself to subjects in Tyson park around the tennis

court area. UT officers checked the area and were unable to locate the

suspect. KPD was notified about the incident as well.

Wednesday, April 19

*2:20 a.m. ­ Officer reported a fire alarm at Hess Hall. Officers

reported that there was smoke in the area from overcooked food in a

microwave on the sixth floor.

Thursday, April 27

*3 p.m.­Complainant reported of a suspicious white male yelling and

screaming at anyone who passes by. Officer checked area. Subject was

distributing literature.

Friday, April 28

*2:05 a.m. ­KPD reported a 911 call of a male masturbating in an older

tan vehicle that followed a student from the Law School.

*3:32 a.m. ­Escort van driver requested assistance with intoxicated

students causing a disturbance in the van. Officer issued citations and

subjects were escorted to their dorm rooms.