How could UT further promote diversity on campus?

UT is a university that boasts community and diversity, but integration of qualities always seems to have a higher peak to reach. Students have many opinions as to how UT can become a richer melting pot of ideas and people.

This university has a very unique chance to not only promote diversity but open the minds of people who can't see the beauty in our differences. As far as ways of accomplishing that goal, celebrating diversity, celebrating where we, as a culture, have co

me from, is the best way. Music is another.
Mollie Ward, sophomore, undecided

In the advertising department, there are not a lot of black students interested. Maybe they could set up special programs. Maybe Web sites geared towards black students or geared towards women.
Kristin Johannigmeier, senior, advertising

I think the RA programs are very helpful in promoting diversity through programs.
Jennifer Shaw, senior, logistics and transportation

Have more seminars with people that aren't Caucasian men. The head of the NAACP came; I was impressed with his dialogue. We need more diverse speakers.
Gabe Shelly, senior, broadcasting

A mandatory class for freshman dealing with race and sensitivity issues. This might have prevented an occurrence like the nooses hung outside the library.
Brea Samuel, sophomore, microbiology

The university should have scholarships for non-black minorities, as well as more scholarships for black minorities. The university should also increase awareness of minority scholarships, such as within departments. The university should work to improv

e out-of-state minority recruitment strategies. There should also be more information available for minority students about free services such as disability services and the free tutoring in the Black Cultural Center. The university should also work to cr

eate a more racially diverse SGA.
Jacob Lucy, freshman, finance

I think they should advertise the activities and events for minority students more and include a diversity session in Orientation to open students eyes to problems that could occur.
Amber McCoig, junior, public relations