"If you ran out of milk and cookies, what would you leave Santa this Christmas?"

It's that time of year again for all the magic and wonder that is the holiday season. Unfortunately, the actual Christmas Day is usually preceded by hustle, bustle and stress. And sometimes with all the commotion, we can forget to pick up the bare necessi
ties - the milk and cookies for Santa. The Daily Beacon decided to ask students "what if" you forget Santa's traditional treats.

"Red and green M&Ms so he can stay in the holiday spirit and maybe get lucky too,"
Christy Batey, junior in advertising and retail and consumer sciences

"Ramen noodles and tap water, so maybe he'd realize what it's like to be a college student and would feel sorry for me and leave me lots of gifts,"
Stephanie Elkins, junior in business

"A vodka tonic cause you know he can use a pick-me-up in the middle of the night,"
Matt Joyner, junior in broadcasting

"I'd probably leave him some M&Ms and a big ole thing of Hornet juice by the gallon, so he doesn't have to exercise or eat right to lose weight,"
Glenn Bailey, sophomore undecided

"I'd probably cook him a whole meal, and he'd probably be too full for the cookies. So it's a good thing I ran out,"
Erin Senter, senior in psychology

"Moon Pies and RC cola because that's my advertising project and I need some extra publicity,"
Kendra Bolden, senior in advertising