If UT can find a few more friends like the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation, we won't need those old guys in Nashville to fund us (or care when they don't, as is the case year after year after year).
Recently the foundation up and gave one of the biggest donations to a college or university ever.
The UT Health Science Center in Memphis can add $40 million to its assets, and will establish a joint venture in biotechnological research with the foundation: UT-Baptist Research Park. The Memphis Biotech Foundation is getting in on the action, too.
The donation isn't in cash, but in land and facilities instead.
And while $40 million cash initially sounds like a better deal, the Health Science Center can and will do a whole lot with their new acquisitions to help raise the UT system into some sort of prominence.
We know that a lot of students here are thinking that we can't benefit from something that the university is doing on the other end of the state. But we also know that a lot of students can be wrong.
If national recognition and better chances for research grants aren't enough, we can always benefit from knowing that every now and then, UT has some financially well-off friends that don't mind helping us out a bit.
Now if we can just find some like-minded, deep-pocketed, better-off buddies here in Knoxville, we won't have to worry about legislators' shortfalls in Nashville.