It will all end soon.
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
There's no place like home; there's no place like home.
Eh, who are we kidding?
Just yesterday, Acting UT President Eli Fly issued a statement which ended any possibility of former UT President Wade Gilley's working with the university as a consultant.
Gov. Don Sundquist, ex-officio chairman of the UT Board of Trustees, has said that he doesn't want Gilley hanging around either.
A state senator from Oak Ridge is investigating the hiring snafus that put former administrator Pamela Reed in a job she didn't deserve before the job was posted in various employment ads.
More statements will soon be released about Gilley, his contract, severance pay and other related business.
A new story and/or new angle breaks every day. Newspapers across the state have Gilley, Reed, UT and/or Sundquist in their front-page headlines.
Reed and Gilley's mug shots have been burned into the back of our retinas.
No one on campus will ever, ever put any questionable material in university-provided e-mail account ever again.
We've all heard "for personal reasons, including his health" way too much. Also, fast-rising administrator, consultant, Board of Trustees and contract are constantly ringing in our ears.
But we're afraid the end is still a long way in coming.
And that makes us happy. And that makes us sad.
As journalists we're all happy that we don't have to run around and look for stories; we've got the biggest story in the state right outside our back door.
Statements, releases, e-mails - our journalism side is living a dream world.
But then there's the other side: students who are tired of hearing of the whole issue.
Sure, it will all end.
How soon it will end is hard to tell. One thing that seems certain, though, is that it will be a long time from now.
The story will continue to live on the front page, above the fold and in huge headlines until either it sputters out like a car running out of gas or until something even bigger with heavier consequences comes out.
Rest assured we will work as hard as we can to get the story and keep our readers up to date on all the latest problems with our scandal-plagued university.
But it's also for certain that plenty of us are hoping that it will all end soon, straining to see the end of the tunnel and clicking our heels together in hopes it was all just a bad dream.