This week will see the very important June UT Board of Trustees' meeting, which is usually only important because that is when the budget for the next fiscal year is released.
But this year, with all of our own special little problems, there will be all sorts of exciting goings on.
The trustees will, of course, figure out the budget - that's assuming the General Assembly can figure out this whole big-budget, little-revenue problem.
And unfortunately, no matter what our state legislators finally do, education is probably sure to be cut, and we'll likely be hit a 6 percent to 12 percent tuition and fees increase.
That's a big enough issue in and of itself, but there's bigger fish to fry.
All that aside, the main events in this year's meeting is the selection of the presidential search committee, after J. Wade vamoosed with no warning.
As ex-officio chairman of the board, selecting the search committee is the governor's job.
Lately Gov. Don "Make room for my friends" Sundquist, has been pushing for his friend and Finance Commissioner Warren Neel to get the title, most likely as a "limited term" president until a permanent president.
The governor's big idea - for some ridiculous, unknown reason - is to create what pretty much amounts an interim president position, which is already filled by long-serving and seemingly dedicated Emerson Fly.
We know that Neel is a former dean of the College of Business Administration, and he probably has a lot of support and maybe would be right for the university.
But not like this.
Our university is hurting right now because of what amounts to too much politics. The last thing we need is another politically motivated appointment.