Wade Gilley did a U-turn Friday, going back on the memo he wrote to dispel widespread rumors of his resignation.
He faxed in his resignation, writing that his health problems and personal reasons were just too much.
Eleven days earli
er, he sent a memo saying that he had no intention to resign before his contract expired, but instead would take an extended vacation.
Gilley was in Sandestin, Fla., last week, attending the Southeastern Conference president's meeting.
Just as soon as Gil
ley announced that he was not going to retire, the Knoxville News-Sentinel published a lengthy, revealing article on an administrator whom Gilley said that he did not hire, but for whom his university created two jobs for.
One of Gilley's main goals for t
he university was streamlining the UT system.
The May 25 News-Sentinel article said that Pamela Reed had embellished her resume and is under review.
A week later, Gilley resigned, expressing his intent to work with the university in the future.
The move s
urprised some, including the UT Board of Trustees, but considering the situation, is it really that surprising?
Questions still abound, but for now, we must settle with what few answers we really have.