OK, so maybe the football team didn't perform to most fans' standards last season, and the women's basketball team suffered a rare setback in the NCAA tournament, but we can still rejoice in our less glamorous teams' accomplishments.
¥ The men'
s track and field team took a single point in the last race to come from behind Texas Christian University and win the NCAA championship Saturday.
Freshman Justin Gatlin, who took home first place finishes in the 100 meters and 200 meters and was part of
the highly touted 4x100 relay team led the Vols to success. He was really fast.
The men's track team has won three championships before, and since all the superstars returning to the track next year, they could set up a new dynasty.
Here's hoping that the
y will and that more of us will be interested.
¥ Our baseball team won its Super Regional games in ulcer-inducing fashion over the weekend to advance to the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.
With a ninth-inning rally Saturday and a eighth-inning grand s
lam Sunday, the Vols are starting to earn some well-deserved respect.
It's the team's first trip to the CWS since Todd Helton was taking classes.
They've got a tough road ahead, and there's no telling how the Diamond Vols will finish, but they've already
proven that they deserve some attention too.
Congratulations to both teams.