While there's no telling who will permanently fill Gilley's shoes or how long it'll take to find him or her, it seems we'll be all right in the interim.
After Gilley's resignation, the UT Board of Trustees named long-time UT employee and admin
istrator Emerson Fly as acting president.
Fly is UT's executive vice president and has been with the university since 1961.
In the memo to UT faculty and staff, Fly expressed his dedication to the university and desire to continue Gilley's streamlining in
He seems sincere in his devotion to UT no one would stick around for four decades if he didn't like his job, bosses or work environment so it should be a safe bet that Fly wants only what's in the best interests of the university and its st
udents, faculty and staff.
Let's hope that that does turn out to be the case during the search for Gilley's replacement.