While most of us will be standing by the mailbox waiting for our measly $300 to $600 tax-cut checks this summer, some UT faculty members will be waiting for a lot more.
More than 40 UT scientists have recently received a substantial award for outstanding performance in their respective fields.
The Science Alliance, a 17-year-old university organization, awarded $10,000 each to 42 faculty members as a one-time salary bonus.
The award is a great achievement for our instructors, and it no doubt helps ease the pain of UT's being one of the lower-tier institutions when it comes to faculty pay.
Forty-two may sound like a lot, but the awards were opened up to include staff from across the state in the Graduate School of Medicine, Institute of Agriculture, Health Science Center and Space Institute this year for the first time.
Congratulations to those who were recognized. Go enjoy your bonus, you deserve it.