Thanks to President Bush's tax cut altered a wee bit by Congress the U.S. Treasury Department will start mailing out checks anywhere from $300 to $600 soon.
Sure, there are some things opponents could quibble about, like whether the budget surplus the cut is based on will be there in the future.
For those of you out there with large estates, the federal estate tax one of the more controversial tax topics will be eventually repealed by 2010.
For the rest of us, the income tax rates will be reduced across the board, with everyone paying less than before.
Got kids? Then you'll be seeing more money as well, with the child credits expanding to $1,000 by 2010.
Let's face it, by that time, almost all of us will have kids running around, like it or not. And $1,000 may be an incentive to go forth and multiply.
You many have some problems with the tax cut, no matter if you're Republican or Democrat or whatever.
From what they're saying in Washington, D.C., everyone seems to be upset that they didn't get their way.
But who can argue with a reimbursement check?
We're getting a check. We say, Bonus.
Some say that we'll have problems with funding shortages in the future? We'll worry about it when we get there. Here at UT, we're used to it.