Barbara Pelot, candidate for 2nd District, said she is very concerned with student needs but would not get involved in student affairs unless asked.
"You have your own Student Government Association," Pelot said. "I think that's important. If there is an issue or concern that students would need help with I'd get involved. Other than that I don't think I would have the right."
The 64-year-old woman works in a family dental business with her husband, Reuben. She graduated from Rhodes College with degrees in sociology, history and secondary education.
Pelot said her top priority is "to see balanced development, which means a balance of neighborhoods, too."
Just this year she started looking at the downtown area as a neighborhood, which Pelot said is something she rarely thought of before.
Now she feels the University of Tennessee could be a major player in revitalization.
She said she would like to see the university, downtown residents and downtown businesses work together to establish a plan.
Pelot also wants to make sure relations between UT and Knoxville are good, she said.
"I think there needs to be good cooperation between UTPD and KPD," Pelot said.
The candidate also said she felt she could work well with the city administration because she has a good relationship with Mayor Victor Ashe, who is a distant cousin.
"Some really good things have happened under his administration," Pelot said. "People will like me or not."
One subject she said she does feel strongly about is the destruction of two historic Fort Sanders houses this summer.
Pelot said she feels stronger regulations should be set in place to protect the homes. She added that City Council should send a stronger message.
She said preservation of historic homes should not just be limited to the Fort Sanders area.
"All over the city there are homes precious to Knoxville," Pelot said.
Pelot said she feels the university is a valuable commodity to Knoxville.
"I'm not a graduate of the university, but I think it's one of the most important features of Knoxville," Pelot said. "We take full advantage of UT and it gives so much back to the community."
Pelot said one reason she decided to run was to help her community, which is nothing new for her.
She and her husband also run a volunteer dental clinic for the homeless in the downtown area, Pelot said.
"I do that every Friday," she said. "That's probably the best part of the week for me. I want people to know that I'm not a little West Knoxville socialite."