"What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?"
Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the smells of turkey, stuffing and sweet potato casserole have started to drift into memories. Taste buds are longing for the wonderful yearly feast. The Daily Beacon decided to poll students on their favorite Thanksgiving Day cuisine.

"Pumpkin pie!"
Samuel Rickers, freshman in political science

"My aunt's sourdough bread, but I eat it at other times, too."
Laura Jones, undecided sophomore

"I've got about three hams and turkeys from this place called the 'Heavenly Ham' back in Hattysburg, Miss. It has this honey crust, like a honey rim on the ham and turkey. My mom also makes this dressing with no vegetables - just cornbread and turkey."
Jake Cobb, freshman in sport management

"Mine would be ice cream, and chive mashed potatoes are really good, too."
Leah Resseguie, junior in mathematics

"I guess dressing and turkey if it's not dark. I like cool-whip, too."
Jonathan Hash, undecided freshman

"Stuffing. I hated stuffing until I tried it at age 13. I tried it because my grandmother wanted me to, and now I absolutely love it!"
Katherine Lefler, freshman in creative writing

"French silk pie because it's chocolate."
Bethany Nobles, junior in human services

"Shrimp. It has to do with childhood memories and growing up on the coast in Texas."
Amy Nicholson, junior in vocal performance