The Knox County Health Department is holding diabetes management classes every Thursday in October, starting tonight, from 7 to 9 at the health department.
"We really try to cover the full spectrum of care and prevention of care with people with diabetes," Carolyn Perry-Burst, nutrition services program manager, said.
Perry-Burst also said that the talks begin with Dr. John Eaddy, "(who) provides an overview of diabetes management and talks about the different kinds of diabetes and what individuals can do to take control of diabetes themselves."
The classes will cover diet, glucose monitoring, exercise and stress and restaurant dining. One of the points that will be stressed in the programs is nutrition.
"Each week there will be some kind of nutrition component to the class - in the second week the nutrition issue is healthy shopping in that we will give people tips in label-reading and how to use their meal pattern to decide which foods are the best choi
ces for them," Perry-Burst said.
She added that people should be better educated about diabetes, and that the classes could be useful to students who might be in a medical-related field, or in food services.
Perry-Burst said that the classes will give a good background about diabetes, "but then also there may be students with diabetes and we certainly would encourage them to come in to the class and help them find out about other opportunities in the communit
y to get more in depth information."
The first session on Oct. 4 is divided into two parts: "Overview of Diabetes," followed by, "Eating Well: A Healthy Start."
She said that there won't be many preventative measures discussed except for those already diagnosed.
"The classes are really intended for people that have been diagnosed with type one or two," Perry-Burst said. "From the prevention angle, we're looking at preventing complications."
She added that any concerned high-risk individuals should attend, and that the programs are a good source of information for anyone who wants to know more about proper nutrition, stress management and exercise.
For more information, or registration information, contact Perry-Burst at 215-5180.