Christina Betanzos Pint lectures Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. as part of the Robert B. Church III Fall 2001 Lecture Series in the Ewing Gallery.
Pint's lecture is entitled "Collages of Bernard Hoesli: A Gallery Talk." Hoesli was an architect who taught at the Federal Institute of Architecture in Zurich.
"We have a show that's up right now, about ready to travel to other schools," Thomas K. Davis, associate professor, said. "The exhibit includes slippers for his daughter and a travel bag for his wife. The show originated here."
Davis said that Pint, the curator of the show, will be giving a gallery talk and will make observations about the show. The backs of several pieces have notes about when and why they were done, which were written by Hoesli.
The collages of Hoesli have been on display in the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture since Sept. 9 and will be shown until Oct. 4.
For more information, contact the College of Art and Architecture and Design at 974-5265.