Daniel P. Murphy, professor of accounting, is The Daily Beacon's Professor of the Week."
When told of his selection, he laughed and said, "It must have been a slow news day."
Murphy completed his MBA at Tulane University and started his career as a tax accountant for what was then known as Arthur Andersen Company, which is now Andersen. Inspired by his wife, Suzan Murphy, who teaches in the finance department, he took up teach
ing at Guilford College in North Carolina.
"I like to expose new ideas - and leave something positive behind," Murphy said.
He especially loves teaching first generation college students, the majority of which are overwhelmed when first at college. He recalls one story in which he took part in the transformation of a rural student from Alabama to a job with one of the "Big Fiv
e" firms.
Currently he teaches and coaches a local baseball team in his free time. In his eight years of coaching 13-year-olds, he has coached both baseball and softball. He enjoys listening to U2, Van Halen and jazz music.
Murphy is a sportsman who enjoys football and is on the school's athletic board. Murphy was involved in the development of the Intramural Fields which are located next to the Aquatic Center.
"The intramural field was put (at a great cost) and the athletes don't even use it," Murphy said. "It's for the school to enjoy."
Murphy's next project is running for the Knox County School Board election held next May. Planning for this began recently and Murphy admits, "it's actually a lot more work than I thought."
Murphy said his number one passion is teaching. He views it as a challenge. The greatest satisfaction he derives from his job is watching students learn and develop into confident individuals.
Murphy believes that the rest of the accounting department deserves credit for successful students. The department has been ranked 20th in the nation over the past few years. He says the close knit faculty of around 13 staff all work very hard to produce
the best students.
"We like to keep an open door policy here - we always welcome students in who have questions," Murphy said.
Firms from New York and all the "Big Five" companies regularly recruit from the products of UT's program.
Murphy wants change. He wants the school to redevelop the aging Glocker Building.
"Its ridiculous - its cold in there in summer, and we have to squeeze fifty kids in one tiny room," Murphy said.
He also wants the students' attitude to change. Though he is impressed by the football tradition, he wants students to be proud that the accounting department is also one of the best in the nation.