1. Sing - in your car, in the shower, wherever. The main point, however, is to release inhibitions and have fun. Being silly makes it easy to forget you're stressed.
2. Repetitive activities - anything with soothing, constant movements. It doesn't matter what you're doing per se, just the process is important. These processes are also helpful to collect your thoughts.
3. Gaze at the stars - sit back and take in the sky. The size of the universe can make anyone's problems look small. Take a date, perhaps the two of you can unwind together.
4. Control your angst - getting upset over trivial things wastes thought and energy. Let go and make a conscious choice not to get angry.
5. Breathe slowly.
6. Speak slowly - you'll think more clearly and react reasonably.
7. Use time management - taking care of responsibilities can improve your attitude.
8. Drink lots of water and have snacks. Hunger and dehydration can aggravate stress.
9. Posture, posture, posture. Bad posture causes muscle tension and increases stress. Hold your head and shoulders upright and don't stoop or slouch.
10. Reward yourself. Plan something nice for yourself at the end of the day, like a relaxing bath with aromatherapy. Above all, don't think about work or plans, just rejuvenate and energize.
- Adapted from About.com