Chris Dollar and Hannah Keith were announced as SGA president and vice president candidates from Student Action.
Dollar has been involved with SGA in the past, but has been inactive this year in order to concentrate on other commitments. Keith is currently a representative on UAC and a member of Student Services.
"We really want to stress that student government is something that everyone can participate in; all students, regardless of what else you're involved in. We want you to get involved," Dollar said.
Both Dollar and Keith have felt frustrations with the current SGA and want to involve students in improving SGA.
"I didn't feel like I had the voice we do have. Its a matter of utilizing it. I want all of you to be able to help us utilize our voice," Keith said.
Issues that Student Action plans on including on its platform are campus safety, residence halls issues, academics policy, technology, diversity issues and parking.
Dollar and Keith are calling for participation from the student body in formulating Student Action's platform.
"Whatever you want to see happen, whatever action you want to see taken, that's what we want our platform to be about," Keith said.
Dollar encouraged all in attendance at the meeting to get involved with the party by either running for a Student Senate or UAC office or participating with the party's various committees.
"We want this to be a personal-touch campaign; a grass-roots effort to get the students involved," Dollar said.