Team Tennessee announced Aaron Lay and Tammra Mitchell as their official candidates for president and vice president in the upcoming SGA elections.
Lay is currently the director of the government affairs committee of SGA and Mitchell is currently a commuter representative to Student Senate.
"Team Tennessee is still looking for both leadership and involvement from everyone," Lay said.
Throughout the initial interest meeting Team Tennessee, stressed "Team" as the most essential part of the organization.
"You are the most important element in this team and you have got to ask yourself how do you want to make UT better," Lay said.
Team Tennessee views its relative newness as a strength rather than a weakness. According to Byron Earnheart, member of Team Tennessee's executive committee on debate, "We are still in the construction phase, waiting to get more input from students."
Allowing their UAC and Student Senate candidates, as well as the larger university community, to be a part of this construction process, members of Team Tennessee hope that the SGA under their leadership will become a true umbrella group that represents both the students and their separate organizations on campus.
"The SGA is the only organization that all students are a part of, and we want the SGA to the back-bone support for other organizations," Mitchell said.
The cornerstones of Team Tennessee's platform include new funding for the university, a bigger commitment to the student body, a push for campus safety and safety in the Fort Sanders neighborhood surrounding the university. Both Lay and Mitchell want short term changes that will effect students here now, like student safety, as well as long term changes that will help future students, like improved funding from the state.
"The university administration is not going to tell us that these ideas can't happen," Lay said.

- Staff Writers Zachary Marx and Jeff Slagg contributed to this story.