Tennessee Now introduced Elizabeth Clement and Ben Sanders as its candidates for SGA president and vice president respectively.
Clement and Sanders are a political odd-couple when it comes to their experience in SGA. Clement is the current UAC Chairperson, and has been in SGA throughout high school and college. Clement has served in both SGA Student Senate, and UAC. Sanders is a newcomer to the scene, only serving on UAC and Senate for the first time this semester.
"I think that gives us a unique perspective," Sanders said. "Elizabeth being chairman of the UAC, she's very experienced. Myself, coming from very non-SGA (experience), I think we have a very good viewpoint on how to address topics."
One of Tennessee Now's main goals is to improve relations between the student government and the state government, especially with the upcoming state elections.
"We're working for is the relationship with state government," Sanders said. "There's going to be a new governor, a new UT president, a new legislator and a new chance for change. We want to be a part of that."
Other goals of Tennessee Now include: more online classes, advanced postings of classes that will be offered, better inclusion of minorities on campus, and improving some environmental issues around campus.
"We would like to establish advanced postings of classes so students can plan their academic future more in advance, rather than semester to semester," Clement said.
Diversity is also among Tennessee Now's priorities.
"Another thing we want to work with is diversity, it kind of surprised me there's only 1,400 African-American students on campus. We've been doing research and demographic surveys back of why there aren't more; that's only 5 percent of the campus," Sanders said.
Both Clement and Sanders were exited about the show of support that they received during the campaign kickoff.