What is the first thing you will do when the weather is warmer?
The weather recently can only be described as full of jest. One may crack open the window one morning to find a gorgeous day peeping through, only to discover the bitter chill in the air the moment one steps outside. Or a rather gloomy and dark day tags along with warmth and humidity. This trickery must stop, and students are currently making plans for when it does.
The Beacon went out in search of what students are planning to do with the first signs of warm weather.

"Take a three-day weekend vacation. I'll head to the beach or the pool and just relax."
Jarrod Cruz, senior in political science

"Play basketball and football. I would start going outside now, but I haven't felt like it."
Greg Easton, freshman in sports management

"Go lay out at the pool and get a tan so we'll be prepared for the summer. Plus, we'll do anything besides studying."
Lindsey Harper, freshmen in theater
Lauren Oliver, freshman in nutrition

"Go outside and play catch."
Nate Morgan, senior in geography

"Take a long drive through the Smokey Mountains. I want to do it when it's warm so I can open the sunroof, put down the window and enjoy the breeze."
Benjamin Trotter, senior in Japanese and logistics

"Watch for the girls in bikinis."
Joe Ridder, freshman in business

"Put on a bathing suit and get a tan. I'm getting all pasty."
Laura Johnson, freshman in social work

"Move the cocktail party outside."
Matt Joyner, junior in public relations

"Go camping. I would do it now, but I'm a wuss."
Elise Morgan, freshman in marketing

"Break out the miniskirts and sandals. My clubbing wardrobe can be more versatile without freezing myself in line."
Christy Batey, junior in psychology

"Fall asleep outside. I just like the smell of spring. It's very relaxing and just makes me want to drift off."
Melanie Burleson, graduate student in advertising

"Wear flip-flops everyday. They are just more comfortable, and you can feel the ground while you are walking."
Hillary Watkins, junior in advertising