What's your worst dating experience?
It's that time of year again. Retailers are stuffing their shelves with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, oversized teddy bears and lacy cards of fluffy prose. Feb. 14 is less than a week away, and everywhere you turn happy couples are gazing adoringly into each other's eyes. Meanwhile, the unattached are feeling the brunt of what should be nationally declared "Singles' Awareness Day."
The Beacon asked fellow students to share their worse dating experience in attempt to remind singles that there are worse things than being dateless on Valentine's Day.

"My freshman year of high school, this really cute girl asked me to her junior prom. I didn't have a license yet, so she drove. Things didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped ... she hooked up with another guy and I had to wait for her to take me home."
- Tim Drown, junior in accounting

"First of all, he smelled. And he danced like a monkey. All night he tried to put his hands all over me ... the worst part was that my friend and I had to wait outside in the cold for two hours because he had called and canceled our ride. I wound up literally running away from him."
- Jen Smith, sophomore in philosophy

"Homecoming my sophomore year of high school, my date turned out to be a real jerk. First, my date bought beer from a bum on the street and when we got to the dance, he got beaten up. The guy had to hide under a car to escape."
- Erin Schell, undecided freshman

"I'm from a small town; everyone knows everyone. When I went on my first date, I thought the whole town was spying on me. The date itself was nice, but when I got home, I found out that the town legislature had called my dad, saying he'd seen me kissing a boy at Applebee's."
- Elizabeth Lewis, sophomore in broadcasting

"My first date ever I took out this really conventional Baptist girl. I wanted to take her to see that Meg Ryan movie, French Kiss, but I messed up the title. We ended up walking into French Twist which is a soft porn flick. I wanted to stay, but she made me leave."
- Jonathan McKernan, graduate student in economics

"The worse date was my first date. The guy wanted me to meet him at the movies, then expected me to pay for him. He had us see what's probably the worst movie ever during which, he did 'the wave.' He actually expected me to kiss him goodnight."
- Megan O'Connor, undecided freshman