Chris Dollar and Hannah Keith, SGA president and vice president candidates from Student Action, meet weekly with students and the senate representatives.
Dollar said that the policy and outreach committees meet every Sunday afternoon in Reese Hall to discuss campaign policies and ways to reach the campus.
"The policy committee meets every week to make the policies. Any student can come and join. Chris and I support these students' ideas, but these policies are not about Chris and my ideas, they are formed from the entire campaign," Keith said.
Student Action's platform includes issues such as campus safety, academics policy, residence halls issues, technology, diversity issues and parking. Each week the policy committee builds on these issues.
"We're in the process of finalizing (the issues) now, and getting them to the printers," Keith said.
Keith also shared the role of the outreach committee. "The goal of the outreach committee is to tap into new student organizations and contact new people so that we can share the campaign's ideas with them."
On Feb. 28, Dollar and Keith threw a campaign party to boost morale and encourage students to finish their petitions for senate representatives.
"There were as many friends of the campaign there as students involved in the campaign. It was very encouraging," Keith said.
Dollar and Keith stress that this campaign is about the students and their voice on campus. "We want it to be a personal, one-on-one, feedback campaign so that students' voices can be heard, and make sure they know that what they say really matters. We wa
nt to make sure that students are the No. 1 priority in student government," Dollar said. "Hannah and I have some ideas, but it's not about what we want necessarily; it's about what the students want."