Team Tennessee seeks to bring both leadership and experience along with an open platform to student government here at the University of Tennessee.
"Team Tennessee's ticket is composed of a very diverse group of young men and women with great ideas for both UAC and Senate," Reen Locker, the campaign manager for Team Tennessee, said.
On the Team Tennessee ticket is Aaron Lay, current SGA government affairs director, running for SGA President, and Tammra Mitchell, a current student senator, running for SGA Vice President.
Team Tennessee is also sponsoring many candidates for UAC and Student Senate positions. With the addition of these candidates the platform of the party has taken a more defined shape.
"I feel what makes our party so great, is that our team reaches out to every student on campus and is constantly willing to take in new ideas and suggestions," Locker said.
Team Tennessee's platform focuses mostly on funding, the student community and safety, Locker said.
In their interest meeting, Aaron Lay stressed Team Tennessee's two-tiered vision of change. Team Tennessee wants to make UT better in immediate ways, like student safety, and make some long term changes, like funding and the Impact Tennessee program.
"Impact Tennessee is a student-led program to educate college students about issues that face them. It helps students understand how they can use their voting powers to affect change," Locker said.
"With the student community, Team Tennessee hopes to make small adjustments today. We would like to see bus trips to away football games, the improvement of student seating at sporting events, and the scaling down of parking tickets."
In regards to safety, Team Tennessee would like to see more foot patrols on and around the campus as well as more cameras in parking garages to help apprehend and prevent damage and theft of student, staff and faculty cars.