Tennessee Now Presidential candidate Elizabeth Clement and Vice Presidential candidate Ben Sanders are currently working on the Tennessee Now's ideas that they would like to see presented in UAC and Senate accomplish."
"We have coordinated our campaign to put a message out there that's pretty direct that says, 'Tennessee Now is the way to fix the government-relations crisis at UT.' We have the right experience and the right ideas to get stuff done," Zac Wright, Tennesse
e Now communications director, said.
Sanders said that Tennessee Now is trying to reach out to students. "Our goal is to talk to every student organization on campus. Basically what we've been doing discussing our ideas and hearing what the students would like to see accomplished," Vice Pres
ident nominee Ben Sanders, said.
Tennessee Now has five areas of concern that they are stressing the in the upcoming elections: government affairs, academics and admissions, diversity, student life, and the environment. The government affairs issue is the most important according to Tenn
essee Now.
"Our top priority is government affairs," Sanders said. "The upcoming year is very pivotal (with) a new UT president, a new legislature, a new governor. We really have to show them the connections between the decisions they make and what happens when thos
e decisions come to fruition."
"Tennessee Now isn't a group that just identifies problems, we're a group that wants to solve and remedy those problems," Sanders said. "Let's be honest, SGA can't fix all the problems of UT, but I think we need to do what we can."
The party will hold a meeting in the Shiloh Room at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Students are welcome to come as "friends of the party" and to get more information about the group.