"What is your favorite cartoon character and why?"

Cartoons have been a humorous part of the lives of children and adults alike for over many generations. For approximately 22 minutes, one can relax and forget all worries through the magic of laughter. Even comic strips have the power of bringing laughter
into the lives of readers. Several University of Tennessee cartoon fans gave their opinion to the Beacon on their favorite cartoon character.

"That would definitely be Homer Simpson. I think that everybody's dad has a little Homer Simpson in him. I know mine does. He wears the white T-shirts and blue pants."
- John Milo, undecided freshman

"I remember watching Snoopy a lot when I was a little kid."
- Phillip Reznik, undecided sophomore

"Cathy. It's not idealized. She's real, and she's funny."
- Margaret Callahan, junior in history

"Calvin and Hobbes because of the situations they get into and how they let imagination carry them to this other world."
- Jim Clement, senior in theater

"Stewey from Family Guy. He's the greatest little kid. He's a genius, but he's only two."
- Adam Lassiter, undecided freshman

"Scooby Doo because he always comes through in the end. He conquers his fears."
- Rebecca Allen, undecided freshmen

"Winnie the Pooh because I liked him when I was young. He's cute, fluffy and funny."
- Victoria Price, junior in music

"Michigan J. Frog. There's just something about a singin' and dancin' frog you gotta love."
- Jason Brown, sophomore in broadcasting

"The only character that I like is Eeyore because he's sarcastic. He tells it like it is."
- Carmel Hall, junior in arts and sciences

"Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. He appears stupid, but if you watch closely enough, you'll see he's smarter than the Brain."
- Dale Ploen, senior in education

"Daria. I like her dry sense of humor."
- Stephen Anfield, junior in speech communications

"Speedy Gonzales. All my friends say I'm Mexican, but I'm not. It's an inside joke. He's my Mexican idol."
- Juan Espin, sophomore in marketing

"Shaggy because I can't ever tell if he's stoned or just plain stupid."
- Shawnte Carson, senior in psychology