Tennessee Governor
Phil Bredesen - Democrat
o TennCare is a fundamentally sound program that is off-track and must be fixed.
o Supports the return to the basics of education: Empower teachers to help each child achieve his or her fullest potential.
o The income tax is a dead issue. It is time to move forward and start managing state government.
Van Hilleary - Republican
o TennCare has grown out of control. Certain structural elements must be fixed.
o Supports President Bush's No Child Left Behind initiative.
o A state income tax destroys jobs and hurts economic development.
U.S. Senate
Bob Clement - Democrat
o Supports high-quality public school education.
o Patients and doctors should make medical decisions, not bureaucrats and accountants at HMOs and insurance companies. Supports Patient's Bill of Rights.
o Advocate for Social Security.
Lamar Alexander - Republican
o Supports charter schools unless teachers and principals gain more freedom from union rules.
o Believes that gun control means taking away Second Amendment rights and that criminals, not guns cause crime.
o Will not support any proposal that reduces guaranteed Social Security benefits.

Tennessee State Senate
Bill Owen - Democrat
o Supports Tennessee schools, from K-12 to higher education. Is committed to increasing state support for education.
o Supports lower sales tax rates.
o Supports the referendum on lottery.
Tim Burchett - Republican
o Opposes an income tax.
o Feels that money could be cut from TennCare and TDOT and be put into other programs.
o Supports veterans' rights.

- Compiled by Beth Rucker and Lauren Byrd.