Members of Students Promoting Environmental Awareness in Knoxville will set up tables in the UC Plaza area from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today through Monday, where they will hand out candy and fliers dealing with recycling issues on campus.
"Mainly what we're wanting to do during these next few days is promote awareness about the fact that students in residence halls do have the option to recycle right now," said Sarah Surak, president of SPEAK.
SPEAK took over the residence hall recycling program, formerly run by the Student Government Association, in September 2001.
There are now recycling bins located between the backside of Greve Hall and Staff Lot 12 and behind Reese Hall on Caledonia Avenue.
The bins, which are staffed by volunteers, are open Sunday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The remainder of the time the bins are locked to prevent cross-contamination. Students are encouraged to bring plastic, paper, aluminum and newspaper at the designated times.
"Our goal is to get recycling bins in every dorm," Surak said. "As of now, we have recycling bins on every floor of Massey and North Carrick to give people the option of recycling."
Students living in residence halls said others would be more likely to recycle if bins were placed in all the halls.
"If they had an area for recycling on each individual dorm floor, I would definitely do it," said Jared Nance, a Hess Hall resident.
Trey Butler, who also lives in Hess, said if the university would provide more aptly placed bins, students wouldn't think twice about recycling.
"I would forget about recycling unless the bins were on every floor," he said. "If you empty your recyclables while throwing away your trash, it is a lot easier."
SPEAK will also have a display case outside of Smokey's in the UC during the week entitled "Recycling 101." The display will include basic information about recycling mixed paper.
"This week is a perfect opportunity to jump-start SPEAK's recycling program," said Michelle Pfeffer, who is in charge of overseeing the residence hall recycling program.
Pfeffer's job will be to organize and recruit people who can work at the bin location sites of Presidential Court and Greve/Massey.