All Campus Events is seeking student insight on returning the tradition of Carnicus back to the campus community.
The event was formed in order to allow any campus organization to perform humorous skits for the enjoyment of others.
Carnicus, however, has developed a scandalous reputation in recent years due to the content of the skits. References to drug use, sexual innuendoes and inside jokes have caused students to develop mixed emotions about the University of Tennessee tradition.
The event allows a total of eight groups, single or mixed, to participate. The content of the skits in recent years has discouraged involvement from campus organizations.
Last year only six groups participated - all of them Greek organizations.
"If you're not Greek most people don't know you can participate," said Nesia Pratcher, vice president of the United Residents Hall Council. "If it was publicized that Carnicus was not just a Greek event, I think participation would be higher."
ACE plans to develop new policies to improve Carnicus by speaking with the campus community and finding out what they want the event to become.
"We're in the beginning stages and want input," said Deborah Hackney, Office of Student Activities program adviser. "We want to know what it would take to get more groups involved."
Hackney hopes to implement any new policies by the end of the semester, before groups begin practicing for Carnicus, which is held in April.
Bridgette Jeffcoat, Panhellenic adviser, said she feels the way Carnicus has been run in the past has not been conducive to any organizations other than Greeks.
"It is an ACE event but it is not run like one," Jeffcoat said. "I would love to see more people become involved in what we call an all-campus event."
Brandon Stooksbury, ACE committee member, said ACE plans to take every step possible to involve all organizations and not just the Greek community. ACE plans to go out into the campus community and encourage participation.
"We want to find out why people aren't participating and hopefully transform it," Stooksbury said. "ACE wants to do everything it can to make it a big event on campus again."
Through the efforts of ACE and campus input, the committee also hopes to turn Carnicus into an event that is enjoyable for the whole campus.
"Even if they aren't participating, we want students to come and enjoy it," Stooksbury said. "That's what ACE is for. Obviously, without campus participation, we have nothing."
ACE encourages students to express any opinions they have to improve Carnicus. Comments can be sent to